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Choosing an Ethical Nail Salon

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How to Choose an Ethical Nail Salon

Health violations and mistreatment of employees is prevalent in nail salons and the beauty industry as a whole throughout North America. The New York Times report on health violations and abuses in nail salons gives you another perspective on the industry. It is important that

Manicures and Pedicures for Men

manicure for men

Manicures for Men

Most men believe that manicure and pedicure is for the ladies and so they do their best to avoid the nail salons. What they focus on is their couture, which is to get a nice shirt and tie, trousers and a pair of shoes. However, this is rapidly changing as many men a slowly gravitating towards manicures and pedicures for men, especially they are noticing that many of the popular figures such as politicians, musicians, athletes and other celebrities

Choosing a Nail Technician

nail salonIt is very important that when you go to a nail salon you choose the right technician, and work with them, to maintain safety and achieve the results you would like. By choosing the right nail technician you avoid the risk of safety hazards and can focus on enjoying the a-level service you so desire. In order to choose the right nail technician…