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LED Vs UV: The Gel Manicure Phenomenon

uv-led-gel light difference

The Gel Manicure Phenomenon

For so many years, the UV lamp nails were so popular and got to enjoy their monopoly until the emergence of the LED gel lamps that really took the fashion and nail manicure industry by storm. Both of these methods can be a little confusing and that is why this article will take the time and opportunity to differentiate the two to the level best. To get a clear picture on the LED vs UV lamps…

Love Your Nails!

Manicured nails

In today’s generation, a lot can be told about a person just by looking at how their nails are kept. This has been taken so sensitively both in the feminine and masculine divide, so that by taking a rough sample of individuals, you will be treated to well-manicured, nicely polished…

Pedicures are Good for Your Health

Ah, your feet…

They experience the pressure of thousands of steps a day, while keeping you balanced and steady. It’s time you give back to them!

A good pedicure can benefit your health whether male or female. It’s an experience that reduces stress, bringing relaxation to the body. Here are just a few of the many benefits: