Pedicures are Good for Your Health

Ah, your feet…

They experience the pressure of thousands of steps a day, while keeping you balanced and steady. It’s time you give back to them!

A good pedicure can benefit your health whether male or female. It’s an experience that reduces stress, bringing relaxation to the body. Here are just a few of the many benefits:

Promotes Better Circulation

Scrubbing and massaging the feet not only releases the tension, but it can also greatly increase circulation throughout the body. This often reduces pain and swelling from long periods of standing and walking.

Healthier Skin

Being stuck in shoes all day can cause the skin on your feet to dry out and crack. A pedicure can scuff off that dead skin while restoring moisture and healing. Exfoliating the feet prevents skin cells from building up and flaking.

Prevention of Infection

Having regular pedicures can cut down on the likelihood of developing an infection. Having your nails cut by a professional nail technician, reduces the risk of ingrown nails and diseases from dirt and bacteria.
A professional is trained to spot early signs of fungus.

And the best part we have already talked about…

The Relaxation Benefit!

As your feet warm and circulation improves, you can sit back and enjoy the experience of having your feet pampered. Our feet are so often neglected, and a pedicure not only ensures healthy nails, but can go a long way in restoring the body and spirit.

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