Choosing a Nail Technician

nail salonIt is very important that when you go to a nail salon you choose the right technician, and work with them, to maintain safety and achieve the results you would like. By choosing the right nail technician you avoid the risk of safety hazards and can focus on enjoying the a-level service you so desire. In order to choose the right nail technician… be on the lookout for someone who is friendly and open and willing to discuss any concerns with you.

Your Nail Salon

Going to a salon should always be a relaxing experience, but sometimes it is hard to relax thinking about the risk for infection and not getting the services you’d like to have. To help avoid any of these worries, give the salon a trial visit. Go as a walk in and observe. Order a manicure and see what the technician does for you. Ask questions of the technician you’re with for the day. Make sure to ask about the sanitization methods, single use nail care products, gloves and chemicals. If they are a good fit, they will be friendly and more than willing to address any concerns you may have regarding the salon and its service.

Before even getting your service, pay attention to the overall condition of the nail salon and their sanitation procedures regarding each client. Do a quick once around to see that the areas are clean. If the work areas are dirty, it is safe to assume that the rest of the salon is not properly taken care of, and you can leave now. If the salon passes this simple test, ask the manicurist about how the tools are sanitized. There are two different accepted methods of tool sanitization. Sterilization with pressure and steam by autoclave, or sanitization through liquid disinfectant and a hospital grade bactericide such as Barbicide. Ask the nail technician what tools are single use and watch to see that she is taking the tools out of new packaging too, just because the tools are single use doesn’t mean the nail tech is only using them once.

Your Nail Technician

Your manicurist should always wear gloves and be changing them after every client. If you don’t see that this is happening, right away you may want to go with a different salon. Their lack of attention to the details is a good sign that there are probably other cleanliness issues in that salon. Also, for your own safety, ask and make sure that the salon does not use any methyl methacrylate (MMA), it is no longer recommended in nail care due to safety issues. Following all of these safety standards is great, but combined with poor service the nail technician is still not a good choice.

Now that you are sure your nail technician is operating by the proper hygiene standards you can take a look into the level of the service that is offered. Some things that will be of benefit to think about before visiting again are the services provided with the price paid, the explanation of any at home care, if the technician is licensed, and how conflicts are handled.  You’ll want to be sure that you are getting your money’s worth for the price you are paying the technician. Some salons will include fixing broken nails, an extra fast dry top coat and nail color all in the price of their package whereas others price these things out individually. If you have a good nail specialist, they will provide you with all of the at home advice you will need for acrylics as well as any quick tips for touching up your manicure without ruining the job.

Professional Services

The nail technician’s willingness to provide information will show you whether they are invested in the service they are giving you. Also check around and make sure the technician that worked with you is properly licensed. Most salons display licenses prominently as they are required to keep the business open, but there are some states that don’t require the license be displayed. So do some asking around or research online to double check that they are currently licensed. Lastly, you will want to be sure that the management at the salon handles any conflicts quickly and in a professional manner. The only way to know this will be when you or a fellow client runs into a problem while there. But, if you keep your ears open, you will be sure to catch on to the management’s attitude towards conflicts.

If the salon and the nail technicians are all operating by the same standards of cleanliness and professionalism, then that’s the salon you should support. It means they can be trusted to keep you from infection and keep your interests in mind.  

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