Nail Colors, What’s Trending?

nail color trendsSkin Tone and Style

It seems that there is always a new color trend in the world of nails. Looking back on the colors that have been in style in the past, I would say that some of these nail colors were just total misses when it comes to whether they matched with my sense of style or skin tone. There are times when the popular colors of the season match up with exactly what I want to wear and helped to express my style perfectly. It is not always easy to go against trend, but it is always a better idea to go with the color and design that you prefer and that which helps to express your sense of style rather than going by what fashion critics and socialites deem the “in” colors.

Nail Colors and Design

Color and design are both ways of expressing yourself. When choosing nail colors, keep in mind the colors that you are naturally drawn to. If you like cooler colors and think those are what look best on you, don’t go with a warm color just because it’s the latest trend. The same goes for nail designs; there are the classic designs and some really funky ones that are always fun to try, but if they just aren’t what you prefer, don’t wear them. Ultimately, you are going to be the most comfortable when you are wearing the colors and patterns that you enjoy the most. Perhaps a light delicate shade or the more natural look of a clear top coat is what you prefer. Being comfortable helps you feel put together and confident whether you are going into an interview, going out on a date or just going about your daily life. When you are expressing yourself most comfortably, you are going to automatically feel more confident in how you look.

What’s Trending

When you notice a new nail trend, it may be something fun to try, even if it doesn’t completely match up with what you would usually wear. The beauty of nail trends is that nothing is permanent and as long as you are looking out for the health of your nails, there is nothing wrong in trying something new. Trying a new trend keeps you open to new ways of expressing yourself and helps you find your true sense of style. If you don’t like a new color or design it isn’t the end of the world. Just whip out your nail polish remover and a cotton swab and the color will be gone in minutes.

When trying out new trends I would suggest that you make sure you are always stocked up on a color you know you love and have some polish remover handy. You should always have a bottle of color that you know is good with your skin tone and goes well with your style. When you are prepared with a color you know you already love it is easier to try something new; even if it is really bright or super dark, because you know you can easily remove the color and then redo your nails with your original color.
Trends come and go and are great in small doses. If you only use the very latest colors and patterns then you are losing yourself in the mix. Stay true to yourself by always keeping your personal style in mind.
Nail trends come and go. It all comes down to how you can use what’s trending to express yourself and develop your own style.

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