Manicures and Pedicures for Men

manicure for men

Manicures for Men

Most men believe that manicure and pedicure is for the ladies and so they do their best to avoid the nail salons. What they focus on is their couture, which is to get a nice shirt and tie, trousers and a pair of shoes. However, this is rapidly changing as many men a slowly gravitating towards manicures and pedicures for men, especially they are noticing that many of the popular figures such as politicians, musicians, athletes and other celebrities take the time to maintain neat and healthy nails. It really does not cost that much and to add more confidence in your total look, why not get a nice treatment on your nails. You can imagine meeting a smartly dressed guy with a nice haircut, offering a hand shake with some very raggedy and unkempt nails. It’s not going to be pretty. It’s no wonder many are considering going to the salons to add manicure and pedicure treatments to their repertoire as well.

A lot of men have this fear and concern of being the only guy in a nail salon full of ladies; if that is you please be aware that women are particularly partial to men with beautiful hands! Besides, a man with neat clean hands looks classy and refined. I would also advise you to take the time and check out any local saloons near you that specifically offer manicures and pedicure services for men and likely you will be able to pin down a few. Another fear is the fact that some men tend to believe that their nails are not very nice and they are hesitant to open them to the scrutiny of a nail technician. Be assured that these nail professionals have seen it all and you have nothing to worry about; they will shape them into something you can admire and will boost your self-esteem.

The Manicure Pedicure Man

Having to go to the nail salon might be a little nerve wracking at the beginning, but not to worry, once you get into it you’ll find that you’ll actually start looking forward to the experience. Very few people can resist the thought of a foot massage which usually comes with a pedicure and you’ll find much relaxation and stress relief in getting a monthly mani-pedi service. After your manicure and pedicure service you should maintain your new and finely sculpted hands and feet with a touch of cuticle oil on the cuticles along with a good moisturizing lotion on the hands and feet at bedtime. This will keep and maintain your skin, keeping is soft and preventing the development of calluses.

Most men will have a manicure and pedicure service done only during holidays or on special occasions but it is a good idea to add this service to your regular physical maintenance as it is also beneficial to maintaining good nail health. It is also advisable for everyone that has never had any nail service treatment to get the full manicure and pedicure service the first time. This will give the nail technician the much needed time to work comprehensively on your nails and get the job exactly the way you wanted. Ask around to find an expert that you can trust and enjoy the experience of a manicure and pedicure. There is a nail salon waiting for every gentleman out there!

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