Love Your Nails!

Manicured nails

In today’s generation, a lot can be told about a person just by looking at how their nails are kept. This has been taken so sensitively both in the feminine and masculine divide, so that by taking a rough sample of individuals, you will be treated to well-manicured, nicely polished… and glossy nails. Nails, in as much as they are there to decorate the fingers and toes when they are painted and well taken care of, have a primary function to protect the fingers and toes. They are made up of the same keratin protein component as the hair and just like animals use their claws, nails are the protective barriers to the very sensitive fingers and toes.

Nail Facts

There are several interesting facts about nails . For instance, did you know that the nail of the middle finger always grows at a higher rate than any other? Did you also know that the ones on your fingers grow at a much higher rate than those of the toes? Well, those are just some of them. Apparently, the nails of the right hand side also grow faster when you are right handed than the left sides. This is however contrary to the left handed people. Pregnant women, on the other hand, tend to experience a higher growth rate. Nail growth is also affected by a change in climatic conditions.

Nail Value

We should love our nails because, added to the fact that they can be very beautiful when taken care of and the fact that they shield our fingers and toes from harm, they have many more uses. For instance, you would easily determine your health status by the color portrayed by your nails and their shape. Having your nails spoon shaped may mean that you are lacking sufficient iron in your body which could easily conclude that you are a potential anemic person. See those white spots that we sometimes love in our nails, those could be an indication that you are suffering from zinc deficiency. There is much more to this and it would be advisable that whenever you experience a change in how yours are shaped or colored, you seek professional attention.

Give Your Nails Some Love!

There are a large number of people who the nail biting habit. Did you know the amount of germs you transfer from your hands to your mouth when you do that? This could expose you to more diseases. Besides, your nails would not look as beautiful or presentable when instead of cutting them neatly and filing them, you opt to bite them. That is no way to show them love. You may not know this but the difference between your single and dating life could come as a result of loving your nails. This is because, just like hair or body shape, there are actually people who will fall in love with your hands first.

With all said and done, our love for nails will only mean that we strive to give them the best care. Our only hope is that you find this love for your nails too.

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