Home Remedies for Nail Infections

natural remedies for nail infections


How to get rid of Nail Fungus

If you ever find yourself in the position where you happen to have a nail infection, consider using a natural remedy before taking medications, laser treatments or surgery. There are a few remedies that have been known to cure nail infections without resorting to pharmaceuticals. Toenail fungus can be very painful and obviously unappealing to look at so the sooner it is treated the better.

To catch nail infections earlier rather than later, be on the lookout for any unusual white or yellow spots on the nail plate, thickening of the nail or redness, as you are doing your regular nail care. These are signs that a toenail fungus may be starting to form. If the nail begins to look ragged or crumbly or the spot gets bigger and darkens or becomes painful, you can bet that you have got a nail infection that needs to be taken care of right away. Be careful to look out for these signs; the nail can separate from the nail bed and the infection will continue until treated. Nail fungus can be very difficult to combat so once the treatment has started it must be consistent. Keep these natural remedies on hand, have regular pedicures and you will be on your way to getting rid of nail infections permanently.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Something that every home seems to have on hand is vinegar and baking soda. The uses for this combination are many and one of them just happens to be for the treatment of nail fungus. In combating your nail fungus use half cup of baking soda to about one cup of vinegar. Add enough water to create a foot soak and submerge your feet in this solution, soaking them for ten minutes then remove and dry thoroughly. Following this routine a couple times a day will inhibit the further growth of the fungus and eventually kill it.

Tea Tree Oil

There are many uses for tea tree oil. It has natural antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. For this one, combine one teaspoon of tea tree oil, a half teaspoon of orange oil (also antiseptic and anti-fungal), and a half teaspoon of grape seed oil. Apply the oil mixture daily to your toenail fungus until it is eradicated.

Oregano Oil

Another effective treatment against nail fungus is oregano oil. Like tea tree oil it also has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. Apply two drops of oregano oil twice daily until the infection clears up.

Keep in mind that to see success with any of these methods the key is to be consistent with the treatment. Don’t get discouraged; nail infections can be very slow to heal. Just keep up with whichever method you have chosen, and the results will come. Catching it sooner, rather than later is always going to be the best way to ensure that the treatment works quickly.

While natural remedies are not covered by clinical trials, their reputation has been built upon many years of effective use by people with nail infections. Home remedies are usually less expensive and considered a healthier alternative as they have little or no side effects compared to prescribed medications.

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