Maintaining Healthy Nails

maintaing healthy nails

Maintaining healthy nails

Maintaining healthy nails is essential not only for beauty but they also provide a true portrait into your personal health. Considering this, it is important to devote some time to take care of the nails of your hands and feet. So how do you keep your nails healthy and beautiful? Follow an all-around healthy lifestyle plus apply the following tips as a DIYer or find a competent nail technician to ensure that your nails are getting all the pampering they deserve.

Sanitized Nail Equipment

Ensure that your tools are properly sanitized with a disinfectant to avert contamination before each use. Keep your tools in a sealed bag only after they have been sanitized to avoid the production of bacteria.

File in one direction

Your nails rip and become furry with time when you file in opposite direction – the same as what happens to the strings on a violin. The back and forth action produce small splits and rifts on your nail, and eventually uncontrollable cracks and rips. Have patience in filing your nails in one direction.  The process may be a bit slower but it produces a more superior and smoother end result.

Never Cut your Cuticles

Cutting your cuticles create tiny open wounds that become health risks to your fingers. The purpose of cuticles is to protect your nails from infections. Pushing them back once per week using cuticle oil with cuticle pusher does the trick because it creates a soft barrier. With the absence of a cuticle oil, use olive oil; it is all a good substitute for cuticle oil and most people have some in the kitchen. Cuticles are part of our being. Therefore, protect and keep them.

Apply a Base Coat

Using a base coat prolongs your manicure. Nails have natural oils that stop nail polish from sticking well, and they require a seal, which is the base coat before using your favorite color.  The base coat also prevents staining of the nails from prolonged use of dark color polishes. Do not use a top coat as a substitute; a topcoat is heavier, takes more time to dry and dries harder.

Apply Nail Polish at Moderate Temperatures

High and humid temperatures prevent drying. Applying polish in fresh and dry weather is preferable. Give yourself time to dry your nails naturally or use a fan set on cool for a beautiful, long-lasting varnish.

Apply Polish Thinly

Blemishes and smudges are a result of over-applying nail polish on your handiwork as it dries slower and forms lumps as well. Additionally, shaking your bottle creates air that becomes trapped and create bubbles. Rolling the bottle between your palms a few times is enough. Dipping the brush in and out of the bottle too many times produces bubbles – restrain from doing this. Two light coating of color on a light coating of base coat ending with the top coat is sufficient for a perfect finish as it dries faster and keeps you away from any mishaps.

Cleaning up a Nail Smudge

You do not want to smudge your pedicure/manicure using Q-tips because the cotton fibers will get stuck on your polish. Use a polish remover pen or if it’s not available, use a lint fee nail wipe, dipping it in nail polish remover and carefully wipe out the smudge on the skin before the polish dries. Filbert-head brushes available in art stores are also great.

Protect your Nail Polish

Use tepid water when showering or washing your hair within the first eight hours of doing your manicure or pedicure if you want a lasting manicure as a general rule. Hot water, rough work and nail polish do not mix. Wear protective gloves when doing substantial and long-lasting hand activities.

Go Natural

Artificial nails are a short term beauty fix and should be used as such; people often discover damage and thinning of their nails when they are removed after long-term use. Going natural is always an option.
Nail extensions and gels require maintenance every 2 or 3 weeks and even then can lead to damage of the natural nails.
Your nail beds and the surrounding cuticle area all need to be cared for on a weekly basis. After your shower gently push back the cuticles, massage in some cuticle oil and you’re good to go until your next full treatment.


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