Gel Nails

gel manicure

14. What is Gel Polish?

Gel polish is a relatively new product that uses clear and colored gels for nail enhancements instead of regular polish. It is applied similarly to traditional nail polish but each layer is cured under a UV light. It dries within 2 minutes under the UV light, a glossier and tougher finish, and last longer to compare with regular polish (between 14 to 21 days). It is removed by soaking 10-15 minutes in 100% acetone.

15. What are UV (gel) nails?

Traditional UV gel nails are derivative of acrylic. They are strong yet more flexible than acrylic nails. UV gel nails are applied using a small nylon or sable brush. The gel is brushed on like polish and then cured under a UV light to harden the nails. It can be applied over the natural nail and extensions, or they can be sculptured. Gel nails are odorless. They can be worn with or without polish. They are completely translucent, and have a glass-like finish. Most traditional UV gel nails cannot be removed with acetone. They must be filed thin then allowed to grow off the nails.

16. How does Gel Polish differ from Liquid and Powder Systems (LPS or “acrylic”)?

The product for gel nails is odorless, more flexible, bond naturally, (no need for acid or damaging primers), doesn’t lift, doesn’t need polish and stay shiny between visits. Their similarities to acrylic nails lie in the fact that they can be applied over the natural nail or over artificial nail tips and they both can be used to extend the length of the nails and make them stronger.

17. What are the main advantages of gel nail applications?

There are the benefits of getting a more natural-looking nail, gel repairs damaged tips, holds polish well, and facilitates growth by strengthening the nails. For nail biters, there is a 90% success rate of getting rid of this bad habit with gel nail applications; clients are less likely to ruin something they’ve spent time and money on. Nail biters are usually encouraged by having beautiful hands. The new nails are usually just too hard to bite.

18. Will natural nails continue to grow under the gel?

The natural nails will continue to grow at their normal rate under the gel however they will appear longer simply because the gel protected them from biting, breaking, and other elements that contribute to nail damage.

19. How are gel nail applications maintained?

Oil nails daily with cuticle oil to maintain inherent flexibility. After 2-3 weeks the nail will have grown leaving a space in the area between the cuticle and where the gel was attached. The nail technician will fill this space by re-applying the gel where it has grown out. Your nail technician will determine a schedule appropriate for you depending on your individual nail growth rate.

20. Are UV nail lamps safe?

Nail UV lamps are safe when used as directed. Clients usually visit a salon for gel nail application or maintenance twice per month and each hand is placed into the UV lamp for intervals of two minute or less, for a total of 6-8 minutes. The lamps emit relatively low levels of UV waves and these exposure levels are considered well within safe limits during gel nails service.