LED Vs UV: The Gel Manicure Phenomenon

uv-led-gel light difference

The Gel Manicure Phenomenon

For so many years, the UV lamp nails were so popular and got to enjoy their monopoly until the emergence of the LED gel lamps that really took the fashion and nail manicure industry by storm. Both of these methods can be a little confusing and that is why this article will take the time and opportunity to differentiate the two to the level best. To get a clear picture on the LED vs UV lamps… let us first of all get to know about their source of light.

The UV light or ultraviolet light is a form of light that is present in sunlight, tanning lamps, and nail-polish lamps. It is mostly invisible but still within the normal human visibility range. LED light is a light source that is totally visible, but also contains less visible forms of light, such as UV. Gel nail polishes are designed to harden when exposed to these two types of light. The UV lamp lights are generally more affordable making them quite popular among nail technicians while the LED is usually more expensive although most of those prices have been slashed down and will continue to reduce further with time.

Faster Curing of Gel with LEDs

The bulbs in UV lamps usually need to be replaced periodically based on hours of use. A UV bulb that is past its prime will result in a dull outcome instead of a glossy shine and faster chipping. The bulbs in the LED lamps usually don’t need to be replaced as long as the lamp remains in good condition. The UV light has been proved to effectively cure all the known types of gel polish while the LED only cures the LED technology formulated polishes. Both of them have different curing times with the fastest being the LED which is usually about thirty seconds and the UV lamp lasting up to two minutes. Another major key difference about the LED vs UV is the energy efficiency of the LEDs. The UV lamps usually use a lot more energy when compared to the LED which uses low or less energy making them highly eco-friendly to use.

On the issue of safety related to their usage, both of these lamps usually release or emit UV rays therefore it is important that the user adheres strictly to the manufacturers safety requirements. Prolonged exposure and constant contact with the UV light might have some negative effects to the human body and so the UV lamps should be used strictly to the manufacturer’s recommendation and prescription. You will also find out that most companies that sell their gel and other polishes will also provide their own lamps specific and tailored to their kind of gel polish so as to cover all angles on safety and other ethical and legal implications following consumer use.

The use of UV or LED lamps should not affect the quality of your manicure. Proper care and prepping of the nail, good lamp maintenance and a good nail technician are some of the key factors that will determine the longevity of your manicure.


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