Choosing an Ethical Nail Salon

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How to Choose an Ethical Nail Salon

Health violations and mistreatment of employees is prevalent in nail salons and the beauty industry as a whole throughout North America. The New York Times report on health violations and abuses in nail salons gives you another perspective on the industry. It is important that you take note that the salon you frequent for your nail treatment is ethical and fair to its employees. To support such businesses is vital both for your own health and the success of these principled business.

Stable Employees

When you visit your regular nail salon and notice that employees do not stay for more than a month, a problem looms in the air. Some employers discard their employees when it is not busy, Smart employers do not discard valued employees and employees who feel valued gives top quality work. If employees are happy customers will be satisfied

Create a Relationship

You get to know your manicurist more by creating a relationship when you visit the same salon regularly. Share conversation and you will learn more about your manicurist and about the salon itself.

Less Bargaining

The higher the cost of a manicure does not imply that the salon is operating fairly, but a cheap price and a price that you can bargain indicates cheap products or something worse. Therefore, think twice. Considering that the salon operates on costs e.g. rent, salary, purchasing products, bills to pay, purchase and maintenance of equipment, etc. Some employers frustrate their employees regardless of their high-cost prices on services.

Scrutinizing the Nail Apparatus

Cleanliness and hygiene is paramount in a nail salon. If that’s not a priority then everything else is going downhill. Thus, if you notice nail dust on a nail file or dirty hand towels and garments, then you should be moving right along. Be an informed consumer and do not be reluctant to inquire about a salon’s sanitation practices. Ethical nail salons will be happy to supply this information as it will only help to promote their business. The employees will also benefit by continued employment because they will retain their clients.

It Starts with Us

Nail salons are part of our well-being. We are at liberty as clients to report any health violations to the necessary Government authority. It will be of a beneficial move to both the employees and customers. Employers will treat them more like human beings rather than a business. For many clients a manicure and pedicure is a beauty indulgence and for many other it has become more of a necessity for maintaining good health. Either way it is and should always be a wonderful experience.



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