Black Nail Polish, Are You Brave Enough?

black nailsThe Black Nail Polish

The emergence of the black nail polish surprised and shocked a lot of people as they wondered who in their right mind would embrace a dark nail polish, but today the story has changed. Many ladies (and some men) are slowly going after these black polishes especially… during certain seasons and events and have really rocked. Many ladies have been asked about their preference regarding their use of the darker shades of nail polish and their answers have always been positive. You see, the dark nail polish look very suggestive, deliberate, powerful and strong, as well, compared to other bright and lighter nail polishes. There is this defiance that cannot really be explained or articulated about dark things and color and many ladies are slowly experimenting and familiarizing themselves to these dark nail polish trends.

Dark Nail Polish

The question about dark nail polish can be further answered and explained by the atmosphere that is usually created by the dark nail polish which is one of sophistication, a sexy look and one clothed by a youthful and a rebellious cover. You should also be informed that if you decide to go dark then the more you do it the more the dark color will become natural to you which is something that you might want to consider on occasion. Black nail polish and other dark polishes get neutralized with the right wardrobe color coordination and can fit or match any skin tone.

After applying the dark polish to your nails, select a particular sophisticated cream or other light colors for your wardrobe so as to provide contrast to the polish making it even more neutral. This will ensure that your dark polish really imparts and marries your look and skin tone as well. The dark polishes have the ability to look good on almost any woman out there. To keep and maintain a high gloss shine on your dark nail polish apply a thin topcoat every few days in order to keep your manicure fresh. Adding a little extra layer is also important to protect your manicure, making it last for a long time.

Maintaining Your Nail Styles

Cuticle oil can greatly help in preventing your dark polish from getting dry & brittle and the oil will help in nourishing and, hydrating your cuticle and plasticizing the nails giving more flexibility. Finally, you should always monitor your nails and keep them at a reasonable length which will promote a better, natural and neutral look. In summary, there are many reasons that might make you want to try the dark polish for your nails and the next time you get to the salon, you could mention it to your nail technician and they will advise you. Always remember to maintain the polish and make sure that you add another thin layer of polish every few days so as to maintain the integrity of both your nails and the polish. Boost your outlook and confidence towards life and look poised and self-assured by wearing the dark polish and when anyone asks why the Black Nail Polish, Are You Brave Enough? I am sure you will have an answer.

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